INSURANCE Inspection

An older car can be a great choice for a beginner driver or someone who rarely has to get behind the wheel, but those considering purchasing a vehicle 12 years or older should be aware that a number of insurance companies require a safety inspection before it can be insured.

The Insurance Inspection is a multi-point inspection focusing on lighting, suspension, brake operation, exhaust condition and much more. Typically, this inspection lasts at least an hour and has to be conducted by a licensed mechanic. It costs only a few dollars, but it could save you thousands in the long-run.

This insurance inspection helps your car insurance company a lot. While the mechanic’s report won’t indicate the value of the car, it will highlight the mechanical condition and determine its roadworthiness. This is very important to your car insurance company since a vehicle that is unfit for the road could mean an increased risk of liability exposures. If there are any mechanical issues on the report, you will have to get them fixed before your insurance company will provide coverage for your car.

It’s a good rule of thumb to assume that all vehicles older than 12 years need an insurance inspection before being insured. If in doubt, call your independent insurance broker and save yourself the hassle of visiting your insurance broker, only to realize that you need an insurance inspection before you can get your vehicle insured. Auto Imports is a fully licensed Alberta auto inspection facility for doing an Insurance Inspection. Reach out to us and book an inspection with us today.