Auto Repair & Service Financing

Auto Imports has teamed up with Driver Capital to offer our valued customers the ability to finance Automotive Repairs & Services. If your vehicle is no more than 12 years old and has less than 250,000 kilometers, we can help make those unexpected auto repair services, tires, wheels and vehicle accessories a little easier to handle.

To get your loan, you need to provide:

  • Valid DRIVER’S LICENCE for any person appearing on the vehicle’s registration
  • VOID CHEQUE or bank stamped ACCOUNT INFO SHEET for the payment account

“It’s That Easy!”

No Down Payment!

On The Spot Loans

Maximum loan amount

Minimum loan amount

Maximum mileage on vehicle
250,000 Km

Maximum age of the vehicle
Not older than 12 years

  • No Credit Check!
  • No Credit Application!
  • No Waiting For Approvals!
  • No Down Payment!
  • No Early Payout Penalties!
  • No References Required!


A proprietary method of determining the guaranteed loan amount will be provided to you by your Service Center in less than 2 minutes.
All loans are based on a thirty-six (36) month term to ensure you have the lowest possible monthly payment for your peace of mind.
On average a loan payment will be approximately $39.00 a month for every $1000 borrowed, with interest rates comparable to that of Department Store or Big Box Store charge cards.
Yes. A loan administration fee is built into your monthly payment reflected in the "Total Cost of Borrowing". The Loan Administration Fee will be displayed in detail on your Loan Agreement. This fee is additional to the work order amount.
Yes, except "vehicles used for hire" (taxies, buses, rentals, etc.) do not qualify.
Yes, if the tow charge is part of the work order.
Yes. All payments are set up for automatic withdrawal.
All registered owners must sign the loan agreement.
Yes. There will be no cost to you of any kind. It is a "locate only" device and can be uninstalled by your Service Center when the loan has been paid in full. You may choose to keep it installed as a "theft recovery device" by contacting the GPS service provider and paying a yearly airtime fee.
If you think you will miss a payment, or have missed one, contact Driver Capital Ltd. ASAP. We will try our best to work with you in difficult times.