AMVIC Inspection

All AMVIC-licensed businesses must provide customers with a completed mechanical fitness assessment form (AMVIC Assessment Form) before entering into a sales agreement/purchase contract for any used vehicle—it’s the law. No business can sell a used vehicle to a buyer in “as is”. AMVIC enforces the use of the mechanical fitness assessment form. It tells the buyer if a vehicle complies with all the items listed on the mechanical assessment form. It ensures that any potential buyers know the condition of the vehicle before it is purchased.

Mechanical Assessment Form is an assessment and not a pass/fail inspection. If the vehicle does not comply with the items listed on the form, the business can still sell the vehicle to the buyer, provided it is fully disclosed to the buyer with the details of the items that are missing or does not comply.

Private sellers and auctions are not required to provide a Mechanical Fitness Assessment at the time of selling a used vehicle.

A mechanical fitness assessment is valid for 120 days after the date it was issued. Once it has expired a new assessment must be completed prior to entering into a sales contract.

Auto Imports is a fully licensed Alberta auto inspection facility for doing an AMVIC Inspection.