In addition to our complimentary 35 point inspection on every service and the above 85 point seasonal inspection, we also conduct formal AMVIC, pre-purchase, insurance and Out of Province inspections. We are a Fully Licensed facility for Out of Province Inspection and commercial Vehicle Inspection services.

Out of Province Inspection - Only $74.95

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Price List
Domestic & Japanese Cars   -  $74.95 + GST
Light Truck(1/2 Ton), Minivans & SUV  -  $129.95 + GST
European Cars  -  $149.95 + GST
Truck (3/4 Ton)  -  $149.95 + GST
Right Hand Drive Imported Cars  -  $149.95 + GST
Exotic Cars  -  $199.95 + GST

Out of Province Inspection
When registering a vehicle in Alberta from another Province or Country, an Out of Province vehicle inspection is required no matter the year or mileage of the vehicle. Out of Province is an intense, multi point inspection to ensure the vehicle is road worthy, safe and meets environmental standards.

Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspection
Bumper to bumper comprehensive evaluation with high quality photos.

City Inspection - Taxi
Bumper to bumper comprehensive evaluation with high quality photos.

Commercial Vehicle Inspections
An Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certificate Inspection requires the same diligent inspection as an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection. Once a vehicle passes the inspection, a sticker with an expiry date is adhered to the vehicle. Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspections are valid for one year.

Pre-Warranty Inspection
A complete report on all components so that the warranty is protected from any pre-existing condition.

Insurance Inspection
Vehicles that are over 10 years old may be required to complete an Insurance Inspection to ensure the vehicle is safe and reliable. The Insurance Inspection is a 30 point inspection focusing on lighting, suspension, brake operation , exhaust condition and much more.

The AMVIC Mechanical Fitness Assessment is a multi point inspection that is required before the sale of any vehicle. This inspection is required by law to ensure any potential buyers know the condition of the vehicle before it is purchased.

85 Point Inspection
The 85 point inspection is an inspection that we; at Auto Imports created to give our clients the most information about their vehicle at the best price. Our clients receive a copy of the 85 points check list so they know the condition of their vehicle today and what they can expect for future repairs and maintenance. Our service team will recommend this inspection twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall to ensure you are ready for harsh winter driving conditions or laid back family road trips.

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