Auto Imports Engine Rebuilds offers you the Ultimate value, longevity, and warranty. We offer engine rebuilds for most German models and select off make models that we have perfected. We use all original spec or high-performance options as per our customers needs and request. ​

We have dedicated technicians that have the expertise to bring your engine back to life. We offer a complete engine rebuild service tailored specifically to individual customer requirements. The majority of engine rebuild work that we undertake is focused around the following engine failure scenarios which have prevailed in recent years:


Why would I rebuild my engine?
The usual reasons for rebuilding an engine are loss of compression, excessive oil consumption, or excessive oil clearances.
The symptoms of loss of compression are extended cranking (hard to start), lack of power, or a misfire (running rough). All of these symptoms can be caused by lack of compression, but they can also be caused by other things, so before the engine is rebuilt it should be diagnosed by performing a compression or leakdown test.

What is the warranty we you rebuild an engine?
We offer the best warranty in the market for rebuilt engines, which is a 2 Years and or 40,000km whatever comes first. But do note that the warranty is void if the engine is overheated. A heat tab will be installed on the engine that melts at a certain temperature. The warranty is void if the engine is run out of oil. Running the engine out of oil leaves telltale damage so we’ll be able to tell even if the oil is filled up after the fact. So please keep an eye on the temperature gauge, coolant level, and oil level so you can catch a small problem before it becomes a big one.

How do I break in the rebuilt engine?
Vary the engine speed and load. Don’t use over 75% throttle. Don’t go over 75% of the maximum RPM.  Don’t let the engine idle for extended periods. Don’t cruise on the freeway at the same speed for extended periods. It should only take approximately 2,000 km to break an engine in. After that we recommend an oil change and its at that point you can now drive your vehicle like it is supposed to . Believe it or not, how you break your engine in can make a huge difference in how long your rebuilt engine lasts and how much oil it uses. You should also be aware that the rebuilt engine will burn more oil as it is breaking in, so check the oil frequently.

Why did the engine go bad in the first place?
This is important to consider. If the engine overheated due to a partially clogged radiator and a new engine is installed without addressing this, the new engine will surely fail too. If your maintenance was spotty and you don’t change your habits, then the new engine will fail as well. There usually is a correctable reason for engine failure. Most of the engines we work on will last the life of the car without needing a rebuild. There are of course failures out of the blue that we have seen and worked on that have, for example, dropped a valve for no apparent reason, but problems like these are rare. So if the cause of the engine failure in not apparent to you, be sure to ask our experienced and knowledgeable team.
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